YSPER 24V Car Battery Jump Starter 6000A Jump Box (All Gas/All Diesel)42000mAh(155.4Wh)Jump Starter Box Battery Booster Pack With PD100W Fast Charging

$455.99 USD

Product details

YESPER YESPER 114620 is a 24V 6000Amp powerful Lithium-Ion jump starter.More power and only 4.1 lbs and Intelligent Safe Tech Powerful Lightweight and compact it safe for anyone to use.42000mAh 6000Amp Jump start 24V Truck and motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, watercraft, lawn & garden equipment fastly.At the same time built in USB and 12V cigarette port out port can power , like iPhones, tablets, GoPros, GPS air compressor, car refrigerators and more. LCD screen to help you keep abreast of battery information,400 lumens LED light, three modes: Lighting, Strobe, SOS for your choice.

1. 42000mAh 6000Amp 24-Volt Jump start for ALL Gas / Diesel engine

2. Only 4.1 lbs With LCD Screen Makes Using More Convenient to use.

3. Built battery pack with USB Port and 12V cigarette port can recharge mobile device, like smartphones, tire inflators and More.

4.Intelligen protection spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection Ensure 100% safety NO SPARKS NO Other risks.

5.Reliable After-sales Service.YESPER Provides 24 months After-sales Service.

Brand:YESPER(YESPER 114620)
Battery Capacity:42000mAh
Battery Cell Composition:Lithium
Provide charging power:USB(5V/2.4A), USB QC(5/9/12V) and Type-C(5V/3A) in/output ports DC(15V/10A) port to power any DC devices(like tire inflator, car vacuum cleaner, car refrigerator etc)
Peak Output Current:6000 Amps
Warranty & Support:24 months
Item Weight:4.1 pounds
Product Dimensions:‎9.76 x 9.76 x 3.85 inches
Vehicle Service Type: Passenger Car, Motorcycle, ATV, Van, RV, UTV, Truck, Watercraft, Tractor

1*6000A Jump Starter (42000mAh)
1*Smart Jumper Cable,
1*60W USB-A to C Cable,
1*QC3.0 Wall Charger Adapter
1*User Manual
  • Powerful Lithium Jump Starter
    42000mAh 6000 Amps peak cranking amp For 12/24 Volt ( ALL Gas / Diesel engines) Automatically identify 12V and 24V Volt and switch the starting voltage.
  • Portable Lightweight Car Battery Booster Pack
    Overall Weight 4.1lbs With Portable Comfort Handle Makes Jump Starting More Convenient
  • Multi-Functional
    LCD screen easy to use, detect and display the operational status, battery level, and possible error in real time,Knowing everything of car jumper battery pack .
    400 lumens LED light three modes: Lighting, Strobe, SOS for your choice
    Dual USB charging port 12V Cigarette port serves as a 42000mAh portable power bank to readily charge tablets, phones, air compressor, car refrigerators and other devices
  • [DSLI IV Intelligent Safe Tech]
    With microcomputer control tech,Supply more steady cranking current up to 6000A, Starting your car in 1 second. Bigger current Saffer Boost Jump Start
  • Reliable After-sales Service
    YESPER Provides 24 months After-sales Service
    YESPER 114620 can't work normally. Contact us and we will send you a new YESPER 114620 for free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1105 reviews
Yesper Customer
Car jump starter

Used it once and it worked as advertised.

Yongqin Li
Car jump-started

That's wonderful to hear that the jump starter works great for starting a car with a dead battery. Its ability to revive a vehicle with a dead battery is a crucial feature, providing a reliable solution in emergency situations.

Having a jump starter that performs effectively gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have a reliable tool to rely on when you encounter a dead battery. It eliminates the need to rely on external assistance or wait for someone else to come and help you jump-start your car.

Thank you for sharing your positive experience, and I'm glad to know that the jump starter has been a reliable solution for you in starting cars with dead batteries.

Successfully starts my car

I had two instances where the car had no battery at all, but the jump starter started the car right away after I pressed the boost/override button. Initially, I had some difficulty because I attached the clamps first before plugging the boost cables into the main body. However, according to the instructions, it is recommended to plug and unplug the cables first before using the clamps.
Overall, this jump starter has been reliable in starting my car, even in challenging situations with a low or no battery.

Annie Kerr
Carry it with you

As a diesel driver, this jump starter doesn't back down. It's the best jump starter I've ever owned.

Lone Ranger
Successfully used it

Had it for a year, never charged it once, and it still came through for my truck's dead battery multiple times. Best 75 bucks I've ever dropped.