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The SPEED Series: fast & focus

Get a Racing Starting

Speed is a match of Strategy and Swiftness. The Speed Jump Starters feature all the cool spirits of speed seekers, supporting your driving with reliable strong power!

Speed 4120

24000 mAh/ 88.8 Wh/ 4120 A Peak Current Support all gas engines and 10.0 L diesel engines (12V)

Speed 2160

16000 mAh/ 59.2 Wh/ 2160 A Peak Current Support up to 9.0 L gas/ 7.0 L diesel engines (12V)

Speed 1550

12000 mAh/ 44.4Wh/ 1550 A Peak Current Support up to 8.0 L gas and 6.0 L diesel engines (12V)


More posibilities

The Armor Series is commited to the creation of enhanced outdoor expereices, providing stable and sustainable power supply via portable, convenient devices.

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