How to maintain your car battery?

The battery plays an important role in the use of the car. If it cannot supply power normally, the engine and the power-on system of the car will have problems or stop running. So we have to take good care of it.


Regularly check the appearance of the car battery. 

Carefully inspect the battery case for cracks or other physical damage. If the battery is cracked, it needs to be replaced in time to prevent leakage of corrosive electrolyte.


Check the cable.

Check that the cable is firmly attached to the electrode. A loose connector can cause the car to not start as if the battery was dead.


Check the stability of the battery.

Check whether the battery is securely fixed on the battery holder, and if there is any looseness, tighten the fixing bolts. Excessive shaking can shorten battery life.


Be careful of powdery crystal buildup

If white/green/cyan powder crystals are found on the electrodes of the battery, use a wire brush and sodium bicarbonate (also known as soda) solution to clean the electrodes in time to ensure good contact between the electrodes and the cable.


Avoid over-discharge.

  1. After turning off the engine, try to avoid using electrical equipment for a long time, such as audio, DVD, radio, lighting, air conditioner, etc. If you must use electrical equipment, it is best to start the engine and provide electricity from the generator.


  1. When the engine is started, the battery will be discharged with a high current, but long-term high current discharge will greatly damage the battery. The time for each start should not exceed 5 s. If there are two consecutive starts, the interval between them should be 10~15 s.


Then you can consider preparing a YESPER jump starter for your car. When you can't start the car, whether it's a dead battery, or the car breaks down on the road, it can start your car quickly. Connect the jump starter to the car battery, it will drive the engine, in turn, the engine will continue to power the car battery, then you can drive again.


It takes up space in the car. But its energy and the help it brings to you are absolutely immeasurable.

July 22, 2022

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